16 February 2012: Anders Riis' book entitled "Selandia – the world's first ocean-going motor ship" was published by Nautilus Forlag.
17 February 2012: On the day of the 100 anniversary of the M/S Selandia at Diesel House, Elværksvej 50, 2450 København SV.
The documentary film "The Ship that Changed the World - M/S Selandia" had premiere. The film was later shown on the Danish DR K channel. The film was produced by Chroma Film.
19 February 2012: Special exhibition on the M/S Selandia opened to the public at Diesel House, Elværksvej 50 - 2450 København SV. Free admission. Monday-Thursday between 10.00-16.00.
Selandia 100 år