The film producers diary

The drama documentary on the M/S Selandia "The ship that Changed the World" was produced by Chroma Film under the instruction of Anders Dylov.
The film reconstructs some of the landmark and dramatic events in the days of Rudolf Diesel and the Selandia.
The below photos and texts give us a rare look behind the scenes via the film producer's personal and humorous illustrated diary from the film production.
Photos and text open in PDF.

Rudolf Diesel and the first diesel engine Rudolf Diesel
Filming of H.N. Andersen, Ivar Knudsen and Churchill H.N. Andersen på kontoret
Rudolf Diesel's home Rudolf Deisels  hjem
Filming of the trial running of engine No. 1 in B&W's work shop Motor nr 1
Filming of B&W managing director Ivar Knudsen
Filming of the Kaiser Wilhelm and H.N. Andersen
Filming at the MAN museum in Augsburg, Germany
Diesel's mysterious death
The mystery of Rudolf Diesel
Exclusive visit at the M/S Selandia
Selandia in present-day disguise
Rudolf Diesel and Ivar Knudsen taking the train
Selandia 100 år